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Bob Proctor, Legendary Coach and Speaker, Proctor Gallagher Institute

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  • Feel like you’ve plateaued in your business?
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You deserve to be in this exclusive group specifically created for 6 & 7-figure leaders who want to see what else is possible within themselves, their business and their life. This is where you belong!

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Tap into two decades of wisdom that Karen has attained and be the beneficiary of learning what she has garnered from extraordinary mentors like Bob Proctor.

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Be completely in control of how you think, feel and act. Achieve a higher level of success in business and life.


Kristen Moore

Fashion Model

“It was very overwhelming to learn that your thoughts have been holding you back form the corporate growth you’ve been trying to experience. Bob helped us change the mindset to make a smooth transition from one plateau to the next. One equation was able to take us from just over million to just under 17 million in a matter of three years.”

– Christopher Guerriero, CEO and Founder of the national Metabolic & Longevity Research Center, CEO and Founder of Wisdom Book Publishing LLC

I understand the pressure

After working with clients worldwide, I understand the stress and pressure you feel as a high-level leader.

Like me, you want to bring your best performance every day and know you need a group of people who inspire and motivate you to set impossible goals, stretch your thinking, and take your expectations to a new level.

As A Multi 7-Figure Income Earner & A Top 1% Consultant For Bob Proctor Globally.

We'll show you how to create the income you want without working longer hours.

You’ll elevate your success when you join my exclusive inner circle.

Your life was meant to be lived.

Your grand vision was meant to be achieved. You know there is still more to be accomplished. It’s time to go to the next level.



“Thanks to Bob, my team went from ranking 163rd company-wide in commissions to #11 within the first year, and to #1 by the fifth year. This program is great because you can have Bob Proctor in your office every week any time you want to just turn it on.”

– Paul Hutsey, Former VP of Sales, Prudential Life

Joanna Foxx

Fashion Model

You Have Too Much Invested For You To Plateau And Not Get New Answers

There’s a key to unlocking your highest potential. Let me help you.

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